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ViroVent at Work

This video of a patient being treated under the ViroVent System clearly shows how the aerosolized contaminants and micro particles are quickly removed from the treatment area and then filtered out via our HEPA 13 filtration system.



  1. Problem
    Heightened/Extreme public health concerns for the spread of Covid-19 during medical treatments which require a close proximity between patient/client and treatment provider.

  2. Solution
    An industrial grade Negative Pressure Air Collection System that quickly evacuates air from the treatment area from both the patient/client & treatment provider and filters the air via our HEPA 13 filtration system.

  3. Benefits
    a. Promotes confidence, peace of mind for both patient/client and treatment provider.
    b. Provides a proven tangible virus spread prevention solution allowing treatment
    providers to continue their practice safely.
    c. Complies with virus spread mitigation requirements
    d. A single unit includes multi-room capacity, with up to 1500 CFM.

  4. Applications
    Dental care, Skincare/Beauty, Medical Procedures

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Chart & Stethoscope
Image by Jonathan Borba
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